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Condition Oils

Our Condition Oils, also known as Power Oils or Intention Oils, are special blends designed to assist the user in achieving goals and relieving spiritual conditions. They are intended to be used as anointing oils or for dressing candles and other items.

Condition Oils are sold in sets of three and each product listing is for THREE bottles of the particular item.

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Attraction Oil-
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Attraction Oil


This mega-attracting oil is the strongest all-purpose attraction formula we've ever put together, with a delightfully attractive scent!

Attract all that you desire!

Blockbuster Oil-
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Blockbuster Oil

Blast through major obstacles and clear out blocks on your path to success!

Day of the Dead Oil-
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Day of the Dead Oil

In almost every culture the world over, honoring one's Ancestors is an important tradition. The Day of the Dead, known as Dia de los Muertos in Spanish cultures, is a time to revere and honor those who have gone before us. Day of the Dead Oil can be used at this time while observing this sacred time.

Day of the Dead Oil can be used at any time during Ancestor work and to request Their help in any magical or spiritual endeavor.

This oil is made using several herbs and oils traditionally associated with the dead and the Underworld. It can be worn, added to sprays, or used on candles.

Eclipse Oil-
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Eclipse Oil

Uncover what is hidden, release old cycles, and face your Shadow Side.

Fiery Wall of Protection Oil-
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Fiery Wall of Protection Oil

Our take on a traditional blend used to evoke a fiery barrier of protection between you and those that wish to cause you harm.

Four Winds of Protection Oil-
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Four Winds of Protection Oil

Call forth protection from all directions to envelop you and clear your path.

Green Fairy Oil-
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Green Fairy Oil

The fragrance and herbs of this absinthe-inpired blend can be used to help you shift deeper into altered states of consciousness to receive psychic visions and enhance mediumship and spiritualistic practices!

Wear during psychic sessions or use to dress candles, let the Green Fairy guide you into the unknown!

Holiday 911 Oil-
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Holiday 911 Oil

With its sweet and spicy scent, Holiday 911 will help to keep the joy flowing and the holiday stress at a minimum. Help keep everyone in the Holiday Spirit!

Jackpot Oil-
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Jackpot Oil

Make everyday your lucky day with our Jackpot Oil! Designed to boost good luck and draw in money, this is the perfect oil to use when gambling or during games of chance, or when you feel like you just need a shot of luck!

Let It Go Oil-
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Let It Go Oil

When something has served its purpose or isn't good for us anymore, the best thing we can do is just let it go and move on. Let It Go oil will help you do that. The icy cold minty components of the oil will cool any lingering feelings or fears and encourage you to move on to a fresh start.

Mercury Retrograde Reversal™ Oil-
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Mercury Retrograde Reversal™ Oil

Relief from the chaos of the Mercury Retrograde---now in oil form! (1 dram)

Used as an anointing oil, this little gem will help deter and protect against the negative aspects that can occur during a Mercury Retrograde period. Is excellent to use in situations where you can't burn a Mercury Retrograde Reversal Candle but need the relief (offices and workplaces come to mind...).

Sold in sets of three.

Motherhood Oil-
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Motherhood Oil

Motherhood Oil can be used to help set the energies to boost fertility and personal abundance. It can help foster inspiration and sow the seeds of creation on all levels!

Neptune's Gift Oil-
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Neptune's Gift Oil

Connect with and honor the spirits of the sea. (Created on Neuptunalia, July 23)

Psychic Centers Oil-
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Psychic Centers Oil

Psychic Centers Oil is used to enhance meditations and psychic abilities. It can be used to dress candles or worn while practicing your psychic skills. Rub some on your hands before doing Readings to help focus and open your psychic senses!

Return To Sender Oil-
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Return To Sender Oil

When negativity comes your way or people send bad vibes at you, send that stuff right back!

Return to Sender Oil is made with the highest quality ingredients and is sure to get rid of anything thrown your way and reverse it right back to the source!

Add it to candles, sprays, or to anoint objects or poppets. Dress a mirror or use to dress Return to Sender Candles for added reversal power.

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