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Condition Candles

Our Condition Candles, also known as Intention Candles, are designed to assist in achieving goals and relieving spiritual conditions. Each candle is approximately 6" tall x 2" diameter and is made of high-grade premium paraffin wax with a 100% cotton wick and our proprietary blend of colors and fragrances that relate to each spiritual purpose.

Condition Candles are sold in sets of three and each product listing is for THREE candles of that particular style.

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Attract all that you desire!

Autumn Blessings-
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Autumn Blessings

Bring forth the blessing of Fall!

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When you can't seem to move ahead no matter what you've tried, let the Blockbuster candle help you to clear out roadblocks and BLAST away obstacles! Let nothing stand between you and your success

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Cleanse away negativity and psychic sludge.

Leaves your aura or space feeling bright, sparkling, and refreshed!

Cut & Clear-
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Cut & Clear

Cut cords, remove negative attachments, and banish them from your life permanently!

Green Fairy-
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Green Fairy

This absinthe-inpired blend can be used to help you shift deeper into altered states of consciousness to receive psychic visions and to enhance mediumship and spiritualistic practices!

Holiday 911-
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Holiday 911

Don't let Holiday stress get you down--keep everyone in a joyful mood and save your sanity!

With its fragrant blend of baked sweets and spices and calming, joyous vibes, Holiday 911 Candles are a must-have to get you through the Holiday Season! Can also be used any time of the year when you need to achieve the same results.

Home Blessing-
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Home Blessing

Imbue your home with the blessings of warmth, love, and joy.

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For use in spells and rituals to bring good luck, fortune, and gambling success, the Jackpot candle can help make you luckier than a gilded horseshoe!

Let It Go-
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Let It Go

Sometimes the best thing you can do in a situation is to let it go and move on. With its icy mint medley, the Let It Go candle will help to cool passions and chill situations to allow them to be processed with a level head and help you move forward.

Money Magnet-
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Money Magnet

Attract cash, grow your funds, and live a prosperous life as a virtual money magnet!

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The Motherhood candle can help sow the seeds of creativity, fertility, and personal abundance!

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Shield yourself from danger and maintain your personal security.

Psychic Centers-
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Psychic Centers

Created using scents and oils designed to enhance psychic abilities, the Psychic Centers candle is the perfect tool to help when practicing these abilities or to enhance meditations. With its subtle fragrance and gentle hues, let Psychic Centers help open your channels of psychic energy and help your abilities grow and flourish!

These candles can be used during Tarot readings, scrying, or other divination or psychic pursuits; also can help set the energy of a space when reaching deep meditative states.

Queen Bee-
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Queen Bee

Female empowerment when you need to shine or be the one in control.

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